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“Open your eyes; listen, listen.”

October 11, 2011

“Predictions are uttered by prophets (free of charge), by clairvoyants (who usually charge a fee, and are therefore more honored in their day than prophets), and by futurologists (salaried). Prediction is the business of prophets, clairvoyants, and futurologists. It is not the business of novelists. A novelist’s business is lying. . . All they’re trying to do is tell you what they’re like, what you’re like–what’s going on– what the weather is now, at this moment, the rain, the sunlight, look! Open your eyes; listen, listen. That is what the novelists say. But  they don’t tell you what  you will see and hear. All they can do is tell you what they’ve seen and heard,  in their time in this world, a third of it spent in sleep and dreaming, another third of it spent in telling lies.”

– Ursula K. Le Guin, Introduction to The Left Hand of Darkness


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