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And This Week

April 3, 2011

Artforum’s bookish sister collects an embarrassment of apocalyptic riches. Among the treasures: A team of archeologists and geologists may have found the lost city of Atlantis just north of Cadiz. They claim that survivors of the tsunami that submerged the city created memorial cities throughout central Spain. It’s the subject of a Discovery Channel show that already aired and doesn’t seem to be scheduled again soon.

In The Atlantic, an interview with Keith Eggener about his Cemeteries serves as a brief history of “our first public parks.”  The 19th century’s cemeteries moved death away from the city center and contained it behind gates—and at the same time provided the living with a bucolic retreat. The Transcendentalists were fascinated by cemeteries, Eggener reminds us. So were the Romantics. Which reminds me—


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